Doing well

I think my body is finally going to start trusting me  that I will feed it regardless of the exercise that I put it through and start dropping this weight that I have been carrying around for far too long.

I am finally down 1.8 pounds. It took 18 days to get there. I’m guessing that I have been building muscle which is a great thing. It will help to boost my metabolism and right now that is what I’m wanting.

I’m doing awesome on my 30  minutes of cardio streak. I’m on day 12. I’ve also been rowing 2000 meters everyday. And strength training three days a week.

I’ve not been doing so good eating 1500 calories a day. I’ve been eating between 1400-1900 calories. My average has been 1500-1700. I keep trying to get them under 1500 and I do great for a couple of days and then eat more for a couple of days and the cycle goes on and on.

Honestly I don’t think this is hurting me right now. I think what is hurting me is not having a plan. I need to figure out some meal plans for the entire day. Right now I only plan dinner and breakfast. I need to start planning lunch and snacks and eat every couple of hours. This may get tough though when I go back to work.

Oh yeah, work. I haven’t worked in two years! It’s crazy. I reapplied at my old job and I hope to be going back to work next month. Breaks and lunches aren’t scheduled all that well and can vary greatly. So this may put a damper in the planning. I’m going to have to plan very carefully when I get to this point.

Anyway, that is all I have for now…

Never give up, Never surrender!


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