Life goes on

I’m sorry for my lack of posting. Things have been really stressful around here this past week.

First, If I didn’t know any better I would have thought I was pregnant. I had every pregnancy symptom out there and I was especially nauseous. I had my tubes tied in March 2002 after my last was born so it was kind of scary there for a few days until my period showed up last night, a day early from my calculations. I have an appointment at the end of this month with my doctor to find out what, if anything, can be done about my severe PMS symptoms. If nothing else, I’m going to ask for some anti-nausea medication in case this happens again. I can deal with everything else.

Children, I love my children beyond words. I would do anything for them. So, why do they have to do things that cause me to stress and worry about them?

I found out that my oldest (Rusty) is making poor choices and that they could come back to haunt him. I won’t go into detail however I will say that I hope he takes the words of wisdom he has been given to heart and doesn’t screw up his future.

Now on the same day that everything goes down with the oldest, I’m told that my middle two (Darian and Emilee) have been smoking cigarettes or at least have tried them.  And yes they have friends involved as well. To add to this, I found out that Emilee’s friends have been swearing at her sister (Hanna) because they don’t want her around. Now, I guess I am getting a clue as to why. I have talked to my children and to the parents of the children involved. I have given my children their consequences and I pray that they learn from their poor choices and that this won’t be an issue in the future. For some reason, I doubt this subject is closed.

So, how has the food and nutrition gone with all this going down? I actually haven’t been able to eat much because of being so nauseous all the time. And although what I have been eating has been healthy, I haven’t been tracking calories. I’m still not feeling all that great so I probably won’t begin tracking again until Monday.

As for exercise (C25K), well that went out the window a week ago. Between my foot hurting and not being able to figure out why and feeling sick all the time, it was just a no go. For future exercise, my husband and I will be getting a gym membership next Friday. I’m going to go ahead and pay for a personal training session so I have a plan of action and then every other month meet with the personal trainer to go over the results and set up a new plan of action. I think this will work best for me as it has worked well in the past.

So, until next time…

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” ~ Robert Frost


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