Since money has been short the last couple of weeks I haven’t been eating my usual diet and I can tell it’s affecting my moods. I haven’t been drinking my daily green smoothie, I haven’t been eating all the veggies I usually eat, and I haven’t been taking my supplements or drinking all the water I should be either. This all ends today! I don’t care how short we are on money I will “rob Peter to pay Paul” for the next few days. I don’t like feeling blah!

I have also been retaining water weight from too much sodium and not enough water. I had my wedding rings sized and now that they are back I had to use soap and cold water to put them on. Hey, at least now I won’t lose them. I do however don’t want them to be this tight. I’d like them to fit the way the ring sizer fit the day I took them in to be sized.

On exercise, I went and walk/ran the first week of C25K. I plan to do this everyday and Monday of each week go to the next phase/week. I felt awesome after and just so I could keep feeling awesome, I made my yummy smoothie with all it’s great nutrition.


200g Strawberries, frozen
8 oz Almond milk, unsweetened chocolate
85g  Spinach
.75 cup coffee
half serving of Vega, chocolate


258 Calories
18g Protein
32g Carbs
7g  Fats
97% Vitamins
78% Minerals

After my smoothie, I took all my supplements which are:

Vitamin D
Coral Calcium
Multi Vitamin
Flaxseed oil softgels
Chromium Picolinate
Alpha Lipoic Acid

I will stop taking a few of these supplements after I lose 20% of my body weight and/or my insulin levels have come back down to a normal level. I see my doctor at the end of August and will have my next round of blood work in December.

So, as of today I’m back on program and plan to stay here. I like feeling healthy and energized!

So until next time…

“Do you know the difference between education and experience? Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don’t.” ~ Pete Seeger


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