It was a very long emotional weekend and unfortunately we still have no idea what is definitely wrong with Hanna’s dad. He doesn’t look very good as he’s lost a bunch of weight in about 4-6 months (225 to 156) and he’s in a lot of pain. On Friday afternoon the doctor did a biopsy and cultured it and it did not grow. So tomorrow, the doctor is going to cut open his back and take out a chunk of tissue and possibly bone to try to figure out what is wrong. He is not out of the clear for cancer although the doctors don’t seem to think it is, I personally think they are wrong and so does his mother. He has all the symptoms that his father had when he was diagnosed with cancer. It’s very scary. Of course, Hanna being eight, has no idea what is going on just that her dad is in the hospital very sick and I brought up to her that he may die and that wasn’t something she wanted to talk about. So, it will be very tough on her if her dad does die. One good thing is she has grown very close to Derrick so that may help.

Let’s move onto something not quite as depressing, food. I started out with the best of intentions however I failed quite miserably. It all started an hour out of town when we stopped at Costco. We bought wheat free flax chips, nut/fruit/seed bars (I don’t remember what they were called), bananas, mangos and laughing cow swiss cheese. The cheese is where the downhill slope began. Before the weekend was over, I ate more cheese, eggs and even a steak. What can I say, old habits are hard to break. Thankfully, none of what I ate affected me beyond a little congestion and having less energy.

Lesson learned. I won’t be doing that again. I like having energy and not having congestion. So when I came home I had a shake and a huge spinach salad with lots of vegetables. I’ll be back to tracking and having good healthy food tomorrow.

I’m off to watch a little TV and then off to bed with my baby (Derrick), I sure did miss him!


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