Pain and not so good food choices

I woke up this morning feeling good after my ER visit last night. A couple of hours later I was again in a lot of pain. So, I’m no longer thinking stomach irritation. I do believe the nurse and doctor were right about an ulcer. I’m taking Pepcid for the next 30 days to hopefully try to get it to heal. I’m also going to start taking Manuka Honey. It’s supposed to help heal ulcers and other stomach related issues among other things. Derrick has been taking it and although he’s not healed, it has made a huge difference with his heartburn issues.

I did not track my food and nutrition today in CRON-o-meter. However this is what I ate along with the calories.

290 Appetite control shake – Revised
 50 cals Subway salad
 30 cals Red Wine Vinegarette
167 cals McDonalds Yogurt parfait
380 cals 4 – four inch gluten free pancakes
169 cals Margarine
156 cals Syrup

1242 cals total

It’s definitely NOT the most nutritious and I am not proud of that however I am proud of myself as I didn’t go over calories, actually I was under by just over a hundred. I am not sure what it is about physical pain however when I am in pain, I like comfort foods. And it just so happens to be high carb stuff. I am hoping tomorrow the pain will be gone or at least much more manageable and I will be back on track.


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